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Four 1:1 Sessions
Dog Psychology 
Slip Leash Needed 



Behavior Training

Part of being a good pack leader for your dog means using proper corrections, proper praise, both at the proper time. Having structure and constructive routine will help reduce unwanted behavior. This requires using your tone, energy, and confident commands to help teach your dog proper behavior. It is important that your dog understand its rules and boundaries so that you both have a clear conversation and a constructive and productive relationship.

The important part to understand is that YOU are always training your dog. The most important question is, “Are you training them correctly?”

“Work with Instincts, not against them.”

– Cesar Millan

Just like people, each dog has its own personality. They express their wants and needs in different ways, and the more you train and correctly play with your dog and pay attention to your dog, the more you’ll get to know them and build a strong relationship.

“Why does he/she actually growl at strangers, or pee in the house?”

Understanding one another and having a clear conversation between one another helps strengthen the bond between you and your dog. You’ll learn to recognize what triggers specific behaviors and develop a safer, more effective strategy for overcoming them.