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Josh Newman served in the Army and completed two combat tours in Afghanistan. Throughout Josh’s childhood, he has always relied on dogs to get him through hard times and even more so after returning from overseas. Their constant loyalty, resilience, and companionship has been the stronghold that was needed even more so after returning from Service. Josh started this company by training his own service dog and realized the need of many more out there. As a certified K9 handler and trainer, Josh took this passion for dogs, combined with his passion for helping people, to ensure that no dog, or person, feels hopeless. 


Veteran owned & operated - We operate to help, not only Veterans, but anyone & everyone around the nation live a more normal life through these service dogs.


We care about the relationship between owner and dog and how you interact with each other with or without a trainer.


Dogs are extremely special to us and we are passionate about creating an environment where your pack can thrive.


Although trainers do not need to be certified, we require our trainers to be certified to keep ourselves at high standards.

How we got Started

Veteran owned and operated, Veteran K9’s mission is to rescue dogs to rescue people. All of the dogs that we supply and train go through a strict evaluation process and are pulled from rescues and shelters to be trained to help people in need at a reasonable price. While we are based in Memphis, we will travel! Location is not a concern when it comes to helping those in need. We have trained many dogs who now serve in many locations inside the continental U.S. such as New York, Indiana, and Massachusetts. 


Outside of training Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs, and Emotional Support Dogs, we offer packages in obedience and corrective behaviors for dogs from 8 weeks of age to adulthood. We also offer rehabilitation packages for the more aggressive and dangerous situations. We are passionate about helping people and their K9 companion live a happy and healthy life together. We believe that contrary to popular belief, old dogs can learn new tricks. Aside from dog training services, Veteran K9 also offers many other services such as self-defense courses, security, and K9 patrol services. These are offered to offset the cost of services for those who cannot afford the total cost of a service dog, therapy dog, or emotional support dog and to support a nonprofit (Be.A.S.T. Ministries Inc.) that helps foster teens aging out of the system.


Social Responsability

Veteran K9 supports Be.A.S.T. Ministries Inc closely and does whatever we can to help foster kids aging out of the system.

Mission Statement

Our mission and our goal is to help as many people as we can with the needs that they have. We are a company strictly for the regular, every day working person. We hope that we can help you!

Value Added Services

Veteran K9, as many clients attest to, approaches dog training from all sides. What we mean by that, is training is not simply about correcting a dog's negative behavior; we teach the owners the psychology behind that behavior so that the owner is empowered to handle every new situation that comes from a relationship with their four-legged friend. Thus, giving owners more value in our services. Our goal is that, after your experience with us, you will never need a trainer again with your new experience.